Terra 54 multi-standard DC fast charger model


Terra 54 is the updated version of Terra 53, the best sold 50 KW DC in the world. Terra 54 enables continuous charging at full 50 KW at 200-500 VDC, while 200-900 VDC is supported by Terra 54 HV. Terra 54 supports CCS, CHAdeMO and AC functionality, and introduces sophisticated new connector holders. It complies with all relevant international standards, including the EMC Class B norm, formally required for safe operation on residential, office, retail and petrol station locations. The redesigned cabinet increases usability and reliability. All chargers come with integrated Connected Services, allowing remote monitoring, diagnostics, statistics, and software upgrades. Application Terra 54 is ideally suited for highway rest stops and petrol stations, as well as for retail and office locations, car dealerships, fleet applications, etc. Depending on the customer needs, it supports the industry standards based fast charging technology with a tailored combination of CCS and CHAdeMO1.0, as well as AC charging. CE certified charging block has been introducing releases for ABB, Northern America, China, Australia and Euroasia Custom Union (EAEU) (Russia, Belararus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan). Terra 54 has the highest uptime due to redundancy on power and communication. All ABB chargers come with Internet based Connected Services to allow customers to easily connect their chargers to different software systems like back-offices, payment platforms or smart grid energy systems. This enables remote assistance, tailored diagnostic trouble shooting and repair, and remote updates and upgrades. It introduces a reliable, secure, cost efficient and future proof connectivity solution. Key Features: • 50 KW DC fast charger supporting CCS, CHAdeMO and type 2 AC charging (optional) • 22 or 43 KW AC cable, or 22 KW AC socket (optional) • Designed to deliver full output power continuously and reliably over lifetime • IEC 61000 EMC Class B certified for industrial and residential areas (including petrol stations, retail outlets, offices, etc.) •Future proof connection via open industry stand assistance, updates and upgrades • Daylight readable touchscreen display • Graphic visualization of charging progress • RFID authorization • Robust all-weather stainless-steel enclosure • Quick and easy installation Installation locations: - Highway petrol/service stations - Urban and rural areas - Fleet applications - Electric vehicle charging infrastructure operators and service regulators i Key Features of Terra 54: • Charging batteries at 200-500 V (Terra 54), or at 200-920 V (Terra 54HV) • New sophisticated connector holders, for easier handling • Optional CCV or Nayax payment terminal, suited for an increasing number of countries • Extra options like MID energy metering, cable management, etc.