Azpetrol's success is closely related to conduct of correct personnel policy.

Employment process covers different stages; a candidate's technical knowledge and intellectual level, as well as his personal skills, like an ability to work in the collective, undergo to an examination. Each stage of the selection process is carried out transparently and impartially.

We offer to the people qualified to work in Azpetrol an encouraging and stimulating working condition where each person has an opportunity for promotion and success.

Taking into account of the needs of the clients, professionalism, loyalty, strict observation of ethic standards and active and dynamic attitude are the basic principles of the employees of Azpetrol.


The important wealth of Azpetrol is its employees and we always intend to continuously develop our personnel. The employees who wish to improve their existing skills and knowledge are supported here. We are always ready to help them to be promoted. For this purpose, qualified candidates are taught the necessary knowledge and the officers currently working in the Company, extend their existing professional level under the guidance of experienced teachers at the Training Centre attached to Azpetrol.